Teens by Amber Yates

Published on 12 March 2004 in Family (Please wait)

I was told when I first had a daughter that as soon as she turned 13 she would turn on me and be the most difficult person to deal with. She would hate me and everything I have ever said. I have watched my daughter grow from a beautiful little girl into an amazing young adult.

Every day I watch her and admire her strength and beauty. She has dyed her hair every color there is, she has pierced her eyebrow and wants to pierce her lip, yet keeps a straight A average in school. She looks like a rebel, like a girl with a troubled past that is hell on wheels, yet is the kindest teenager. We call her Brat-nee, but only because it is the farthest thing from the truth. I wish every child could be this beautiful, inside and out. This picture shows the quiet child that would give everything she owns just to make someone smile.

Amber Yates (Oakhurst, USA)

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