Superstition?! by Yenly Ma

Published on 3 December 2003 in Family, Happiness (Please wait)

There’s so many traditions and rituals to go through for a Chinese wedding. Too many to describe and explain all. For the one I’m going to share, I’m not sure this particular ritual is carried out in all Chinese weddings. In the Chinese culture, it is very important to purchase a brand new bed for the newlyweds. Everything should be new and clean. It’s very important to use a special pink or red wedding sheets and comforter set. Afterall, red is a sign of good fortune. As you can see, a tangerine on top of a red envelope filled with money was placed on top of each pillow. Another symbol of good fortune and blessing to the bride and groom. Once the bed is made, no one was allowed to sit or lie in it. It brings bad luck to the couple if the rule was broken.

On the wedding day, while the groom was in negotiation to get through the door, we gathered all the little kiddies (my nieces and nephew) and brought them into the newlyweds’ room. Then we told them they could climb on top of the bed and jump around. Could you see their happiness?! They laughed and giggled as they hopped around. It is believed that when the bride and groom consummate their marriage on this bed, they will soon be bless with a child in the near future.

The picture was taken during Aily and Eric’s Wedding in June. Some would say this ritual is superstitious and it’s nonsense, however, I do want to share that right now, my sister, Aily, is three months pregnant!!! Congrats to them!!!

I have 2 nephews and 4 nieces. Number seven is on her/his way! Yay!

Yenly Ma (San Francisco, CA, USA)

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