Smell the flowers by Vern Glass

Published on 1 March 2004 in Reflections (Please wait)

In this age of stress and worry there is quiet relief, even in the middle of an urban development. Just take the time to enjoy it. There comes a time in our lives when we stop to smell the flowers, usually after retirement when the daily grind is over.

See for the first time the various kinds of birds that have always been around but completely unnoticed………..all shapes, sizes, and colors………..Look for distinguishing features……..Stripes or the shape of the bill,as well as the size all give clues as to what species it is……Soon you will be saying” the siskins are back”!!!

We do have a bit of bush behind our home so as we sit on the patio in the back yard we can expect to see some wild wild life friends venture into our garden.There are deer, rabbits and squirrels, none of which seem to be too concerned about our presence.

The squirrels forage around the bird feeders for seeds the birds have scattered.The rabbits try to get through the little fence around the bean patch,but we leave some apples cut up for them that we might get some beans for our dinner. The deer like to eat everything.

Our main attraction though is the little chipmunk that comes bounding across the lawn and up the steps where we sit.Onto our lap she climbs, looking for a peanut. Usually in the shell one goes into her cheek, another is held while she scampers to her hole about ten feet away to store them, and back in a couple of minutes for more.This goes on every morning and evening for about a month in the fall, after which she has put away two large bags of food for winter.A family will no doubt arrive in the spring to be nourished……. As the days become cooler her visits are less frequent until they end with the advent of winter.

Now it strikes me…….That little creature has been doing exactly what we have been doing all fall……….Storing away food for winter……preserving vegetables, fruit and pickles, along with jams and jellies for our enjoyment during the time of year when friends and family gather more frequently………It’s a time when the little things in life become more important…………A time to smell the flowers……

Vern Glass (Manitoba, Canada)

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