Rock on House

Published on 16 February 2004 in Discovery (Please wait)

Mesmerized by the sounds of birds chirping, trees swaying, water running, and my feet walking on the old stone rocks that made up the ancient Roman path somewhere in the French Alps, a strange amusing site came into my view. At first, I wondered if it was an illusion. Did I drink too much the night before? There, across the meadow, was this house, which looked like a victim of an avalanche, but perhaps it was not. Reassessing the view and as I moved further up the trail, I took a closer examination of this sight.

For maybe, the master of this structure took a shortcut in his masonry duties or perhaps it was his intention to make a structure that was supposed to embezzle the gazes of visitors like myself. I stood in awe and wonder. Whatever the reason, this house was someone’s home and had been for apparently some time. This uncanny home led me to more questions. First and foremost why would someone do this? Who did this? Is the structure sound? Does it leak? Is the inside of the boulder carved out? How much does a house with a boulder making up half the house go for these days? The more questions I thought of the most questions I came up with. I wanted to approach and inquire, maybe get a glimpse or better yet, a tour of the inside, but I decided not to investigate. For a change, I decided to enjoy my viewing and wonder of this spectacle without seeking anything more.

Too often these days, I seek answers for everything and lose the ability to just appreciate things for what they are. For once, I just enjoyed the moment. With that in mind and with no answers to be found, I quelled the questions and continued on my journey up the mountain.


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