Rock and Roll Dreams by Jeff

Published on 19 September 2003 in Discovery (Please wait)

I used to be a band geek but I gave that up a long time ago. There is still something in me that falls in love with a killer beat, a chill bass line, or just a tune that I can feel. I am always looking for something new, exciting and an auditory extravaganza.

Listening to music is all well and good but getting to play it yourself is truly an experience all its own. To play something that was created by someone else and has been heard before is nothing to scoff at but feeling the inspiration come from within and form into something at the tips of your fingers, thumping out into the world for the first time, being born right before your eyes, hearing something that has never been heard before. Now that is something to cherish.

I imagine myself up on stage thumping away on a mesmerizing bass line. Sweat dripping off my brow. The envy of all the guys and the desire of all the girls. Just because I am not a kid anymore does not mean I can’t have rock and roll dreams.

But in the end I would be more than happy to play at home for myself and those few who want to listen.

Jeff (Colorado, USA)

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