Renewal by Da Goddess

Published on 9 March 2004 in Moment (Please wait)

The starkness of Winter is like sleep or death and the brilliance of Spring is the reminder of birth and renewal.

It’s easy to become weighted down by the grayness that surrounds you during Winter. When Spring arrives, it’s a wake up call. It’s a vibrant cry to get busy and grow.

“Reach for those dreams!” the flowers cry.

“Come here,” they beckon. “Come here now! Inhale. Deeply! This is opportunity! Drink this nectar and be refreshed. Now go forth and spread the news. It’s time to get going with the business at hand. Live life!”

And I do. I fill my lungs with the subtle perfumes and the heady scents buoy my spirits. I’m lifted up with new energy and faith.

It is during Spring that I set my mind to all those things I wish to accomplish throughout the year.

Sunny and happy, this daffodil was my reminder this year. Spring is here! It’s time to renew my spirit and move forward. Onward. It’s time to live life fully!

Da Goddess (San Diego, CA, USA)

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