MoMA QNS by Jean-Francois Goyette

Published on 26 February 2004 in Discovery (Please wait)

This picture was taken on my first trip to New York. I had decided the day before that it was time for me to visit the city as i had been all the way to Europe but never thought about visiting North America. I left on a night bus towards the city. I thought that seven hours on a bus would be extremely long but some reason it seamed very exotic for me to visit the U.S.A. and I kept taking pictures at every still-life city we would stop throughout the night.

I arrived in New York on a Sunday morning, seeing Times Square waking and opening its bright lights. The first thing I did once in New York was to visit MoMA, the metropolitan museum of modern art. As soon as I went past the building in the subway, i fell in love with it. The museum seemed eclectic and inviting, quite the opposite of this poor area of New York. The neighboring buildings clashed completely with the blues of the reconverted warehouse. The architecture of MoMA was calm and I lingered for hours in the galleries and in the café.

The surrounding area was eerie. It seemed as if everything around me had this very clinical and industrial feel. The streets were deserted and empty avenues would let way to fast moving cars. It was like being in suburbia.

I don’t know why they choose Queens specifically to be the temporary site of the museum. I’m sure they could have found a spot in Manhattan. It seemed like an adventure to go there. Queens seemed like a far-away place so hard to get to even if it was a subway transfer away.

MoMA was also like going back to my traveling roots. It reminded me of the galleries of London, Berlin and Geneva. Going to New York to see MoMA was then going to a museum, it was about wandering, meeting new people, getting lost for no reason, it was going to cities never explored.

I hope to go back to the museum one day when it is renovated and back on Fifth Avenue. It won’t be the same nor as exciting to get there but I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons to go visit.

Jean-Francois Goyette (Canada)

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