Published on 11 February 2004 in Friends (Please wait)

This picture is my absolute favourite. I’d like you to meet Kitoko Perth Zoo’s resident cheetah. It was January 06th hot and humid; I finished work early that day and headed home to collect my brother Kevin and cousin Mark. We were going to go ice skating for the afternoon to enjoy the coolness of the ice. Mark was here from NSW for the week, we hadn’t seen him for two years which made me think there must be something better to do than ice skating. I decided that going to the Zoo would be a better idea; we would be able to have a conversation while enjoying the peaceful surrounds of an amazing zoo. We spent the afternoon wandering through the African savannah, awed at the size of the elephant’s, laughed at the antics of the otters and then stopped for a delicious lunch of wedges and sour cream.

Our feet and legs were beginning to hurt as the three of us had walked around the zoo at least six times and had been there for four hours but there was no stopping us we were determined to go back to the savannah one last time, we just had to see the meerkats and the cheetah again, the sun was starting to set, a light breeze had arisen and this made our last time through the savannah the best of all, the animals were enjoying the light wind and last few rays of sunlight and as you can see by my picture, Kitoko had her own ideas for cooling down she stopped right in front of me to get a refreshing drink of water and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to snap her picture.

We sadly said goodbye to the zoo and headed home but I knew I would never forget that day, I’m so lucky to have been able to share such an amazing time with two of my favourite people Kevin and Mark.

Anonymous (Perth, Australia)

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