Jumping for Joy! by Lee

Published on 10 March 2004 in Family (Please wait)

Well what do I say? I am not much of a writer but I am somebody who loves take, and to look at photos. I took this photo of my children playing under the sprinkler in the front yard. It was originally taken to become a picture that would adorn the top of calendars that I was sending to my family as Christmas presents. But it eventually became one of my most favourite photographs.

It was a hot summer’s day… the kids were playing out the front ….I saw in my mind a scene that would make a great photograph. At first the kids would all stand there making faces (as kids do when you try and photograph them). I asked them to do something instead of just standing there looking goofy. They began to jump around and I began to snap away. I took about 20 pictures then came inside and had a look at them. As soon as I saw this one I knew that it captured the spirit of my children beautifully. I knew that I had the picture for the calendars.

I particularly love my oldest son’s attempt at becoming Michael Jordan (have a look at the air he got) and the excitement on the other two kids faces.

Everybody who sees this picture loves it. I have it proudly displayed on a wall where everyone can see it. And everybody in my family has a copy in their home on a calendar somewhere.

I got great feedback from all the family.

Lee (Thuringowa, Australia)

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