Frozen Fairway #2 by Todd Walker

Published on 15 March 2004 in Discovery (Please wait)

At the time I made this image, I had approached photography with some deliberateness and seriousness for about a year-and-a-half. Most of my pictures were taken on the fly, capturing images from my everyday travels, but not in any sort of documentary or slice-of-life way. This shot was different because the circumstances in which I encountered the elements were different and because I specifically set about to create, or find, those circumstances

I am a lazy guy. I like to sleep in. My wife forced me to get out of bed before sunrise and take a walk with her down the road out of town. She did this to encourage me to grow as a photographer. We skirted along this golf course as the sun came up. Looking off to my right, I saw the frost encrusted fairway and something about the gentle, perfect curves of the course drew me in. As the sun rose, the rise grew more and more saturated with early morning light. This made all the difference.

Technically, I am still familiarizing myself with the controls of my camera. I frequently use the macro-mode crutch for obtaining good depth of field and pushing the background well out of focus. I laid down in the dead, frost-coated grass and set the camera down on a mini-tripod to steady it. I don’t recall thinking about the exposure, but I suppose that was set by the spot meter when I set the focal point with a half-press of the shutter. I still have a hard time keeping all the technical aspects straight in my head while I focus on composing the shot in the LCD or viewfinder.

Ultimately, I dislike talking or writing about my own photography. I want my images to speak for themselves, to invite a viewer to investigate them inch by inch and to find something new on each successive viewing.

Todd Walker (New York, USA)

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