Friends on the jetty by Sarah

Published on 26 January 2004 in Friends (Please wait)

It was my friends 21st birthday celebrations. She rented a getaway house up the coast for the weekend. We visited her one day to greet her Happy Birthday.

The house she rented faced Lake Munmorah, which is on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. Some of us went walking about outside, just before the sun was going down. I love it at that time of day. The world looks so different then. The sun gradually sets and says goodbye, the colour of the sky changes. Everything slows down, there’s a relaxing feeling in the air. It’s peaceful.

There was this little jetty on the lake. We walked out towards it. It was pretty old and rickety looking but we still wanted to walk to the end of it. Naturally, I had my camera with me and started to take some pictures. Then I sat down on the jetty, turned around and captured this picture. I guess it goes to show you that if you just turn your head around and stop looking at what’s right in front of you, who knows what you may see.

To me, this picture evokes feelings of calmness, tranquility, serenity. It makes me feel the need to just stop and sit down, to take in the surroundings, to breathe the fresh air. There’s also a crispness and cleanness in this picture which I really like.

Even though the place was pretty far, we still managed to get there and spend time with friends. Even if its only for a brief moment, that time is still important and shouldn’t be taken for granted. I guess that’s the thing with friendships, it needs a bit of effort to work. If you don’t put the effort to spend time with them, then the friendship breaks down, and you drift apart.

Sarah (Sydney, Australia)

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