Fishing with Chris by Vern Glass

Published on 28 November 2003 in Moment (Please wait)

Come on Chris it’s time to get out of bed and go fishing ” Like most teenagers my grandson does not relish rising early, but for this occasion he makes the effort.Fishing is instilled in us from a very early age. From the time we learn to walk it’s off to the fair where we try to catch a little metal fish with a magnet in the fish pond.Of course we always get a prize.That made it exciting and set the scene for later years when hooking a big one was a thrill.

Careful not to disturb anyone else it’s down to the lake with our rods and tackle boxes……The sight of the lake in early morning is something to behold! The sun has risen just above the trees…..It is shrouded with fog and barely visible……The water is calm…..It is truly a comforting sight, along with the mystical sound of a pair of loons heralding the beginning of another day……We had to pause for a moment in wonder.

Into the little fishing boat with its electric motor,we push off,propelled along in perfect silence, not to break the spell…..Fishing is a time when you really don’t talk much, there are other times more suited for that……..but suddenly ” I’ve got one ” Chris yells, his voice echoing across the lake…..We scoop it from the water with a net but decide it has to go back….The big ones are parents of the fingerlings born in the spring……” Come on old man it’s your turn ” Chris quips as he often does……But my turn doesn’t come and I will have to live with his teasing until next time.

The fog has lifted and the sun shines giving us a new perspective.The ripples fan out behind us as we return home with the hope of having better luck another time.

Vern Glass (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

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