Blue Moon by Vern Glass

Published on 17 October 2003 in Moment (Please wait)

It was a misty Manitoba evening in the Turtle Mountains when I captured this image of my little sailboat on the shore of a lake that straddles the Canadian-American border.the mornings and evenings here are often so calm,not a leaf is moving. This was one of those evenings. It was dusk and time to reflect on the tranquility of the moment. Sailing was not an option so my passion for photography took over. As luck would have it, my exposure was good, hence the peace and quiet of the evening was captured. Perhaps there will be a fresh breeze tomorrow and I can go sailing.

It’s morning and about 10 o’clock a stiff breeze has picked up. It’s time to leave all problems behind and catch the wind in my sails. From the west it fills the main sheet as the bow points south. The jib unfurls to push us along faster and faster, across the 49th parallel into the United States. With the wind freshening we soon cover about 3 miles and come about to return. Crossing back over the border into Canada, we feel safe and comfortable.The peace and solitude of the short trip was akin to the feeling watching the moon come up last evening. Maybe tomorrow we will experience one of our beautiful sunrises and I will get out my camera and capture a moody Manitoba morning ! My little boat will be sitting in the warm rays of the rising sun while I anticipate another venture into quiet reflection.

It seems life is like the water on which we chart our course….Sometimes so smooth and calm that we become complacement….Other times covered with small ripples to make it interesting….Then once in a while a large wave comes along to shake us up…When the water calms life goes on and we return to see a beautiful sunset.

Vern Glass (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

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