Anxious Bride by Marie Ribbelov

Published on 22 August 2003 in Discovery (Please wait)

The car breaking down on the way to church meant that the bride was later than what is normal… and this was how Tania’s wedding day started. But the groom was patiently waiting in church and they were happily married.

With all the emotions running throughout this day, there were many special photo opportunities. I particularly like this photo of Tania, taken after the church ceremony because of her facial expression showing the emotions she was experiencing at that particular moment and the soft lines of the white car which nicely gave a natural and suitable frame to this picture.

My photography is greatly inspired by people, the human nature and their emotions. It is the beauty of the man and woman, their characteristics and feelings such as their own identification, anxiety, lust, laughter, temptations, stress, dreams and frustrations and that reflect human life that I find fascinating to capture with strong and bold contrasts.

Marie Ribbelov (Geneva, Switzerland)

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