A wealth exists within these walls by Sue

Published on 3 October 2003 in Gratitude (Please wait)

Words don’t go far enough to describe what I need to say.

Pictures do even less.

So just how am I going to describe what goes on in my heart when I sit at my computer, and most importantly, my email inbox? Or even what happens when I THINK of the riches that my inbox holds within its walls?

… the dirty ol’ computer that sits in my hobby room, swimming in a sea of mess. … the computer that stays online 18 hours a day, exposing itself to a wealth of viruses that threaten its existence. … the computer and its friend, the Internet, that provide me with unlimited opportunities. Opportunities that just don’t exist outside its walls.

And within the walls of my inbox lays a wealth of camaraderie and friendship gathered over what’s been six beautiful years online. Some friends have come and gone, some have lingered longer. Some are still with me. But there is invaluable wealth laying quietly in those friendships. And yes, I’ve kept many of the emails to and from these special friends, and it touches my heart to go back and read them.

But what is so disappointing, and at times so very heartbreaking, is that I’ll probably never be able to meet any of these friends in real life. You see, they are all cyber-friends ……. people who have given me friendship via two-dimensional emails. But these emails have often had the ability to fire up my emotions, and even reduce me to tears.

And all of these friendships, and the emails that come with them, are pure ‘food for the soul’. And sometimes I’ve even had “second helpings” and phoned them up. But what would be “icing on the cake” would be to meet some of them in real-time. But a lot of these people live in towns or countries that I can only dream of visiting ………

So if you’re reading this story, but your inbox just doesn’t have the same effect on you as mine does on me, maybe you might just like to look out for some online communities that you can participate in. No – not chat rooms but ‘safe havens’ where people go to share their common interests and shared dreams. Then you might just understand the true wealth that exists in cyberspace. The wealth of camaraderie and friendship that you can’t often find in our busy, busy world.

No, words don’t go far enough to describe what I need to say.

And pictures do even less.

But you’ll really only know this when you’ve experienced it yourself.

Sue (Australia)

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